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Winter Gardening Delights: Planting Guide for November and December

As winter sets in, your garden can still be a source of beauty and joy with the right selection of plants. In this blog post, we'll explore the ideal choices for planting in November and December, focusing on utilising Heritage Products, topsoil, and compost. We'll also discuss essential care techniques, including watering and weeding, to ensure your garden stays healthy and vibrant during the colder months. Let's dive in and discover the wonders of winter gardening!

Winter Garden
Snowy Garden -

Preparing Your Garden:

Before planting, ensure your garden is ready for the season. Clear away any decaying plant material and debris, and give your soil a boost with nutrient-rich topsoil and compost. Incorporating these organic amendments will improve soil structure, enhance moisture retention, and provide essential nutrients for your plants.

Recommended Plants for November and December:

Although the selection of plants is more limited during winter, there are still options that can thrive and bring colour to your garden. Consider these cold-tolerant plants:

Winter Flowers:

  • Winter-flowering pansies
  • Cyclamen
  • Winter heather
  • Christmas roses (Helleborus Niger)
  • Winter jasmine
  • Snowdrops
Winter Snowdrops
Photographer: Andres Siimon | Source: Unsplash

Winter Vegetables:

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Winter cabbages
  • Winter lettuce
  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Radishes
bowlful of vegetable salad
Photographer: Sebastian Coman Photography | Source: Unsplash

Watering and Caring for Your Plants:

Watering is crucial during the winter months to ensure plant health. Here are some tips for proper care:

  • Monitor soil moisture and water only when necessary. Check the top few inches of soil, and if it feels dry, provide a thorough watering.
  • Aim to water in the morning on milder days, allowing time for any excess moisture to evaporate before temperatures drop in the evening.
  • Be cautious not to overwater, as plants require less water during colder periods.

Weeding and Mulching:

Weeding and mulching are essential tasks for maintaining a healthy garden during winter:

  • Regularly inspect your garden for any emerging weeds and promptly remove them to prevent competition with your plants.
  • Apply a layer of our Woodland Mulch or Ornamental Bark around your plants. Mulch helps insulate the soil, reduce weed growth, and protect plant roots from freezing temperatures.

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What is Mulch? How to use it to be more resourceful in the garden

Winter Protection:

Protecting your plants from the harsher conditions is crucial for their survival. Consider the following measures:

  • Shield vulnerable plants from frost by covering them with horticultural fleece or cloches.
  • Use windbreaks, such as garden netting or fences, to create a barrier against strong winds.
  • Group potted plants together and move them to a sheltered location, such as a greenhouse or covered patio.

Winter Pond Care:

During the winter season, it's vital to take proper care of your garden pond to ensure its health and vibrancy. Follow these essential tips to maintain a thriving oasis throughout the colder months:

  • Clear the surface: Regularly remove fallen leaves and debris from the water to maintain optimal water quality and prevent any potential issues.
  • Protect with a net: Install a pond net over your water surface to act as a barrier, effectively preventing leaves and other debris from entering and causing disturbances in your pond.
  • Prevent freezing: To safeguard your pond from freezing completely, consider using a pond heater or a floating de-icer. These tools help maintain a suitable water temperature, providing a safer environment for your aquatic ecosystem.
  • Ensure fish nutrition: Before winter arrives, make sure to feed your fish well. As the temperatures drop, their appetite decreases. Providing ample nutrition beforehand helps them stay healthy and resilient throughout the colder season.

By implementing these winter pond care tips, you'll be able to sustain the beauty and vitality of your garden pond throughout the colder months, ensuring a rewarding and visually appealing experience for all.

a close up of a water puddle with a tree in the background
Photographer: Jan Haerer | Source: Unsplash


Don't let the colder months deter you from enjoying a beautiful and productive garden. With careful planning and the right selection of plants, including those that can thrive in colder conditions, you can create a winter wonderland. Remember to provide adequate watering, stay on top of weeding, and take measures to protect your plants from frost and wind. Embrace the unique charms of winter gardening and relish the tranquillity it brings to your outdoor space.

Happy gardening!


Enhance Your Winter Garden with Heritage Products

Looking to boost the health and vitality of your winter garden? Consider incorporating these products into your gardening routine. Our range of Compost Soil Conditioner, Planting Topsoil, Standard Topsoil, and Woody Mulches can make a significant difference in nurturing your garden through the colder months.

  • Compost Soil Conditioner: Enrich your soil with our nutrient-rich compost to improve soil structure and provide essential nutrients for your winter plants.
  • Planting Topsoil: Create a strong foundation for your garden by adding our high-quality planting topsoil on to borders and raised beds, ensuring your plants have the best start.
  • Standard Topsoil: Maintain healthy soil with our standard topsoil, ideal for various gardening needs throughout the year.
  • Woody Mulches: Protect your plants and insulate the soil with our wood mulches, reducing weed growth and shielding plant roots from freezing temperatures.
  • Welcoming Winter Guests: Birds in Your Garden

Explore our products and make the most of your winter garden.

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