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Which Bark is Best For a Children's Outdoor Play Area?

Play Bark is important for your child's safety but not all bark chippings are the same. It can be easy for children to fall in the playground or your own back garden, if you can reduce the impact by cushioning falls you reduce injuries. Our chips help reduce fall injuries.

play bark

One of the most common reasons for children hurting themselves when they are out playing is due to hard surfaces. For instance, you’ve probably lost count of the times when you, or your children, have hurt themselves on hard concrete or wood. And so you may wonder how to increase your children’s safety when they are out playing.

Bark is a simple solution for additional child safety. This bark is taken from the soft outer part of trees and then stripped and treated to remove any sharp edges. It is safe for children to play on and screened to reduce the chance of splinters.

This material can be installed into your own back garden and is often used in public playgrounds. To ensure that your children stay safe, there are many advantages of purchasing play bark for your part of your own garden. This way, you will know your children are safe and sound at all times when they are out playing alone or with friends.

Some other benefits include:

Play Bark material is eco-friendly

Seeing as the material is derived directly from trees, it is eco-friendly. It is always selected from specific trees and harvesting this material is not damaging in any way.

There Are A Range Of Sizes

To suit your garden needs, play bark suits any size of gardens. Play bark is delivered curbside in two size bulk bags, either 0.75 m³ or 1m³ bulk bag. We recommend laying to a depth of 30omm in commercial play parks and 150mm in home gardens. The depths help with children who often jump around and land hard on the floor, as the play bark will reduce the impact of the falling.


You may have spent lots of money on garden materials that offer no safety for your child. If so, then you can rely on play bark being a method that will work, and - with it being a natural resource - the materials are affordable. Installing them can be done by yourself or by a professional. The benefit of getting an expert to install the play bark is that it ensures that the depth provides enough shock absorption and that there will be a minimal mess.

Natural Looking

If you worry about your backyard looking messy or unattractive due to playground materials, then you do not need to worry about play bark. Since it is the bark from a tree, it is attractive, natural in color, and will fit in seamlessly with the look of your backyard.

Play Bark Is Suitable For All-weather

This natural material is suitable for any weather, so it can be left exposed all year round. coping well with both freezing cold and hot sunny days.

Clearly, there are many benefits of play bark, with your child’s safety being number one. It’s natural, looks beautiful in your garden, is easy to maintain, and is good value for money.

We at Heritage Products can supply all your needs and are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Children Safe

Play Bark has to be safe by the nature of your children who will be falling on it. Here at Heritage Products the number one in landscaping and gardening products we only use play bark that has specifically been graded and certified. Our BS EN1177 certified play bark is specifically formulated for use in children's play areas. We recommend for commercial play park areas the depth is 300mm and for domestic play areas we recommend a minimum depth of 150mm.

ROSPA have some useful information on their website. Here is a link to Play Area Advice.


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