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Bark Chippings, New Eco-friendly BS EN1177

Bark chippings are ideal especially if you love to keep your lawn healthy and flower beds looking good. There are ways to make your gardening a little easier with materials like bark chippings.

Chippings are small pieces of chopped-up tree trunks that are graded for a specific size and quality. Ours conform to BS EN1177 and can be used in various ways in the garden. The most effective way to use them is around flower beds and garden borders. Anywhere that has soil will benefit.

Bark helps retain moisture in the soil and reduce weeds. Over time, they can whittle down and turn into the soil so they might need replacing every few years. But, they will keep your flower beds and borders until then, so they are extremely useful.

Aside from being a great option for retaining moisture, bark chippings are a cost-effective way to reduce your garden maintenance for a few years at a time, here are some other benefits of chippings for flower beds and borders.

Bark Chippings

Aesthetically pleasing

Natural organic material and are of the tree trunk color, brown. Therefore, this makes them ideal for the garden and won’t be a stand-out feature. They will blend in with the soil and add dimension and texture to make your flower beds look nicer all year round.

Keeps your garden neat and tidy

Speaking of appearance, chippings will make sure your flower beds and borders stay neat and tidy. They are weather-resistant, which means they will stay in place. Instead of your soil spilling over the edges of weeds growing through, bark chippings will keep everything in place and make sure no nasty weeds spoil the look of your flower bed or lawn.

Bark Chippings reduces soil erosion

During cold and wet weather, soil can easily erode. When soil erosion occurs, plants and flowers can suffer. The soil will no longer be nutritious enough to feed them, so they will die away and will cause you more garden maintenance. To prevent this, secure your flower beds and borders with bark chippings and they will soak up the cold weather and keep your flowers and grass healthy.

Insulates plants

For freezing cold weather, plants and flowers can be affected. The cold can cause them to whittle away. Bark acts as good insulation for plants and flowers, which will keep them alive during the winter months. This means you won’t have to go out and worry about gardening when the temperatures reach freezing.

Bark Chippings Are Long-lasting

Not only can bark chippings maintain your garden and reduce your work, but they are so long-lasting that they are very ideal for the price. They can provide cover for up to 2 years. When replacing, you may not need to take up the old chippings as they often turn into soil. You can if you wish to, or simply place more bark on top to keep enjoying their benefits.

Suggested depth for commercial play areas is 300mm, for domestic usage 150mm is recommended.

Bark Chippings

If you want to prolong your flower beds and lawn with little to no maintenance, bark chippings are an ideal option for any backyard.

Useful links: Royal Horticultural Society

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