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Since launching our kiln dried logs earlier this autumn we've had lots of questions and great feedback, so we wanted to put that all together in one place so here we have:

'Everything you wanted to know about Kiln Dried Logs but were too afraid to ask'

What are kiln dried logs?
Kiln dried logs are just what they say, quality hardwood logs that have been dried / seasoned in a kiln to ensure the lowest possible moisture content. Take a look at our kilns in the picture below:

Our kilns

Are they more expensive than seasoned logs?
Yes the cost of kiln dried logs is higher than logs that have been naturally seasoned, but your logs will light quicker and burn hotter. The low moisture content of kiln dried logs also produces more heat per kilogram, which will make the logs more economical; as a rough guide you only need one kiln dried log for every 2 seasoned logs.

OK, so I need less logs, any other benefits?
Kiln dried logs are the lightest logs you can buy so trips to and from your wood store to fill your basket will be easier. Kiln dried logs are also cleaner, so easier for storage and there is no chance they'll arrive to you with any insects in them; so perfect if you plan to store them in your garage or indoors.
Kiln dried logs also have brighter flames and sizzle less and we've had plenty of people feeding this back to us.


Can I use kiln dried logs in my fireplace / wood burner?
The answer is Yes! Kiln dried logs are suitable for both open fires and wood-burners . Great for open fires as they don't sizzle and great for wood-burners as a cleaner burn means that soot doesn't collect on the glass; and great for the chimneys of all types.

How do I get kiln dried logs?
Order them online or give us a call on 01273 492 752 

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