Kiln dried Logs can make you feel a little bit Hygge

Open Fire Heritage Products

We know it’s the buzzword of the moment but hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is something we have been practising for years here at Heritage Products; with no direct translation from its native Danish it simply means ‘embracing the good life’. And whilst there’s no real agreement of exactly what hygge translates to everyone is in agreement that it should involve a nice warm fire to curl up in front of. Other hygge pastimes include drinking a nice cup of coffee; wearing a pair of comfy socks and eating a tasty cake with friends - all things that we are fully in favour of!

Some people think that the word hygge is the origin of or has its origins in the word ‘hug’ and we know that nothing feels more like a hug then a real fire, especially the first one of the year - If you’re thinking of getting your fire lit for the first time this year (we must admit we’ve already had a few) then don’t forget to stock up on logs and if you’re quick you can take advantage of our early bird offer – 10% off all of our 100% beech kiln dried logs until the end of September and special offers throughout the autumn months.

Of course fads come and go and whilst ‘hygge’ might just be this years next big thing this year after beards and bbq joints and ‘Pokemon Go’, the Danes and Heritage Products have been embracing it for years, we might call it something different but there is no better way to take us into autumn and through winter than a nice big ‘hygge’.


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