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Premium Mushroom Compost

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Spent mushroom compost premium grade

Spent Mushroom Compost - a soil improver and mulch derived from the by-product of the mushroom growing industry. It is created by blending well-rotted straw and animal manure, resulting in a nutrient-rich product that offers numerous benefits for your garden.

This product contains peat. Click the link below to read our Blog on our Peat Free Alternative:

Benefits and uses

Here are the key advantages of using Mushroom Compost:

  1. Slow-Release Fertilizer: Mushroom Compost acts as a slow-release fertilizer, providing plants with essential nutrients over an extended period. This ensures steady growth and development.

  2. Water and Nutrient Retention: Thanks to its porous and spongy texture, Mushroom Compost helps retain water and nutrients in the soil. This feature aids in preventing water loss and promotes healthy plant hydration.

  3. Soil Aeration: The composition of Mushroom Compost facilitates sufficient aeration in the soil, allowing roots to access oxygen and encouraging optimal plant growth.

  4. Good Drainage: By improving soil structure, Mushroom Compost enhances drainage, reducing the risk of waterlogged conditions that can harm plants.

  5. Erosion Prevention: When used as a mulch, Mushroom Compost forms a protective layer, helping to prevent erosion caused by wind and water, thus preserving the integrity of your soil.

  6. Soil Microbial Activity: Mushroom Compost supports a diverse range of soil bacteria, including those that naturally produce antibodies to combat plant diseases. This promotes a healthy soil ecosystem.

  7. Soil Temperature Regulation: The presence of Mushroom Compost can help regulate soil temperatures, providing an ideal environment for plant growth.

  8. Soil Aggregation: Soil microorganisms present in Mushroom Compost release sticky secretions that aid in the formation of aggregates, improving soil structure and stability.

  9. pH Adjustment: Mushroom Compost can help raise pH levels from acidic to a more neutral range, creating a balanced soil environment suitable for a wider range of plants.

  10. Beneficial for Brassicas: Mushroom Compost is particularly beneficial for brassica plants, as it reduces the likelihood of clubroot infection, a common issue in these crops.

However, please note that Mushroom Compost is not suitable for lime-hating or ericaceous plants, such as camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, and heathers, due to its alkaline nature. Additionally, it is not recommended for use on neutral or alkaline soils, as this could have a negative impact on soil health. If you have these specific requirements, we recommend considering our Compost Soil Conditioner instead.

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