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Why Kiln Dried Firewood Is Better Then Air Dried Firewood?

Cleaner, hotter and more efficient burning with kiln dried logs

A roaring fire. A symbol of warmth, comfort and innate homeliness. While it would be fair to point out that as a company who supplies logs, we would point out the perks of a fire on a cold winter's day it is hard to deny that a log burner is a wonderful thing when well maintained and fuelled correctly.

On the other hand, logs that are wet, mouldy and soft can put a serious dampener on what otherwise should be a comfort. We've all done it. We've all wondered why on earth we don't use the branches out of the garden or the chopped-up piece of old oak that has been messily dismembered by an axe. Those whose thoughts on this very subject have led to action would be the first to admit it's largely going to be a bad idea.

Indeed, even logs that are bought from many different suppliers who claim quality can be paired to a suspiciously low cost are often sub-par. Air dried logs are especially hard to maintain to a good and burnable standard when produced on a commercial scale.

It is common place to find logs on sale at a low cost, presenting many with what looks like the deal of the century. However, it is common that after stacking your boot with misshapen chunks and moss seeping out of the cracks that you realise a mistake has been made. This is only emphasised later when the fire you had anticipated becomes a spitting smokey mess rather than the sought after roaring and crackling furnace everyone hopes for.

Tree Trunks for Kiln Dried Logs

Quality low moisture logs

This is why at Heritage Products we sell Kiln dried logs. Quality is key for our customers and naturally this means it is key for us as well. Kiln dried logs are the ace in the pack. Compare them to the number cards in the form of your cheap air-dried logs and there is no comparison. Air-dried logs that are dried and maintained well will represent your picture cards, but they are still not as good as the ace.

There really is very little comparison. Kiln dried logs represent cleaner burning, hotter burning and efficient burning for your wood-burner. We have previously stocked air-dried logs and will never go back. The feedback from our customers on the comparison between our kiln dried variant and our old school air-dried logs was all we needed to hear.


What are kiln dried logs?

So, what exactly is a kiln dried log is what many of you may be asking. A kiln dried log, as its name suggests, is dried in a kiln at a high heat. This dry and warm environment sucks out the unwanted moisture from the wood creating a prime product for burning.

Logs Being Prepared for Kiln Drying

The lower moisture content is the key here. It is what allows for a drier bit of wood that makes sure your wood-burner gives out its maximum heat output. Moisture is quite obviously a nuisance to a fire that wants to gain heat, a force in opposition to the required direction of temperature. A lower moisture content in a log allows heat and in turn allows for a fire that burns as it should.

Moisture, mould and all the mucky stuff in-between will also create more smoke. Why does this matter when I have a chimney? - may appear like an appropriate question. But consider the cost of a chimney fire. Using Kiln dried logs can reduce tar build up in the chimney which is what can cause safety issues. We still advise our customers to get their chimney's inspected and cleaned if advised by a professional chimney sweep every 6 months.

While kiln dried logs may be marginally dearer than purchasing air-dried variants, we firmly believe they are the better option for any customer who wishes to reliably have a comforting fire as we approach the winter months. With next to no cons and a whole stack of pros, kiln dried logs are something we are proud to champion.

Kiln Dried Logs Ready for Burning

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