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Log Season is Here

Get your logs and kindling ready to keep your home toasty this winter! 

Log season has well and truly begun. Frosts are emerging in the mornings; the evenings are getting shorter and with the weather heading this way a roaring fire seems ever more tempting. At Heritage Products we have everything you need to ensure that you stay warm as the climate around you gets colder.

Whether it be our premium kiln dried logs allowing your fire to roast away at a good heat or our kindling and fire lighters to get your fire going in the first place, we have the products to keep your fire stoked this winter.

But of course, like many things, using these products efficiently and correctly will present you with the most cost-effective and efficient experience. Overload your fire with logs without a good bed of heat below and you fire is more likely to fizzle out and leave you disappointed rather than toasty and satisfied. The same goes for adding too much kindling and not enough logs, it may burn hot sure, but you'll burn through kindling quickly and expensively, leaving you with a pile of empty nets and pretty empty pockets.


A guide to making the perfect fire 

So, to ensure that you have the best fire possible in your wood-burner this winter we have some top tips for your fire-making process. Lighting a fire isn't difficult, maintaining it isn't either, but there are many small things that can really help make your fires efficient that may be overlooked.


Real Log Fire in fireplace surrounded by log pile

Fire starting top tips:


Solid foundations

- A really important step to master when making your fire, creating a solid base to build up from is a sure-fire way to allow your fire to thrive. Newspaper is recommended as a first step, with kindling placed on top and a fire lighter or two positioned in the middle to get it all lit. The newspaper will catch quickly and burn hot giving the kindling a really good chance to get going. Allowing air to the fire is also very important so start by creating a tee-pee shape with the kindling above the original fire to allow the fire access to all the oxygen it needs.

Small yet mighty

- Once you have a solid base of kindling burning down with a good heat its time for some kiln dried logs. A couple of smaller logs will be a great starting point, allowing air flow around the fire and gives the logs the best chance to burn well. Due to the low moisture content our kiln dried logs will soon start to burn up to twice as hot as a normal air-dried log and will catch very easily. It won't take long before you have a good sized and well heated fire nestled in your living room.

Too much is too much

-The only thing that can reasonably scupper your experience might be an overloading of logs. It is important to keep your fire well fuelled but pilling too many logs in can snuff out heat. Chucking in five or six logs could give your fire too much to do in its infancy and lead to disappointment. Having three or four logs burning at once will provide a normal fire enough fuel to burn hot.


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