Premium Planting Topsoil

Premium Planting Topsoil

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This premium planting topsoil is ideal for use in any area of your garden that lacks a good quality, humus rich top layer. Perfect for new flower borders, new vegetable plots, raised beds and new build gardens with poor soil.

This soil is made up of 60% sandy loam topsoil and 40% soil improving compost and screened to 10mm.

We recommend our organic soil-improving compost where you just want to feed an already well established growing area. Our topsoil is really for new growing areas other than in the case of lawn maintenance.


  • Acts as a slow-release fertiliser, supplying the main nutrients that a plant needs over an extended period of time as opposed to synthetic fertisliers that are realised very quickly and easily washed away.
  • Helps aid water and nutrient retention due to its porous, spongy nature.
  • Improves soil aeration.
  • Improves drainage.
  • Helps prevent wind and water erosion helping to protect precious topsoil. 
  • Supports a wide range of soil bacteria, including those that produce natural antibodies to fight against plant disease.
  • Moderates soil temperature.
  • Helps to form aggregates by the action of soil microorganisms that release sticky secretions to hold soil particles together.

Supplied in 0.75m3 Bulk Bag.


New beds:

  • New beds will need about 20cm (8in) or more


Before laying lawns:

  • For laying lawns you will need at least 10cm (4in) layer of top soil.

Levelling a lawn:

  • We would really recommend you buy our rootzone for levelling a lawn and yearly lawn maintenance as screened to 5mm which is ideal for getting in between the grass. 
Technical Specification


Technical specifications:

  • Supplied in a 0.75mbulk bag
  • PAS 100 certified compost used – Organic standard.
  • Screened to 10mm particle size. The screening process removes any foreign materials as well as larger items such as stones.

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