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Rootzone - Heritage Products
Rootzone - Heritage Products
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Rootzone Soil

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Rootzone top dressing for lawns

Our finely screened rootzone/top dressing is the perfect solution for all your lawn care needs. Whether you're looking to top-dress, fill divots, lay turf, or sow grass seeds, our product has got you covered. 


Benefits of our Rootzone: 

  • Revitalizes tired lawns: Say goodbye to dull and lacklustre grass. Our rootzone breathes new life into your lawn, giving it a fresh and vibrant appearance.
  • Slow-release fertilization: With its slow-release properties, our rootzone supplies your lawn with essential nutrients over an extended period, ensuring sustained nourishment.
  • Improved water and nutrient retention: Thanks to its porous and spongy nature, our rootzone helps your lawn retain water and nutrients, allowing for better absorption and utilization by the grass.
  • Enhanced aeration: Proper aeration is crucial for a healthy lawn, and our rootzone helps facilitate this process, promoting oxygen flow to the roots for optimal growth.
  • Excellent drainage: Excess water can be detrimental to your lawn's health. Our rootzone provides excellent drainage capabilities, preventing waterlogging and keeping your lawn in top condition.
  • Protection against erosion: Wind and water erosion can damage your lawn's integrity. By using our rootzone, you create a protective layer that helps prevent erosion, ensuring the longevity of your lawn.
  • Promotes beneficial soil bacteria: Our rootzone supports a diverse range of soil bacteria, including those that produce natural antibodies to combat diseases. This helps maintain a healthy balance in your lawn's ecosystem.
  • Stimulates strong root growth: Strong roots are the foundation of a lush and dense lawn. Our rootzone stimulates robust root growth, resulting in vigorous grass and increased density.
  • Resistance to drought, weeds, and moss: By using our rootzone, you give your lawn the ability to withstand dry spells, resist weed growth, and discourage moss development, maintaining a pristine and resilient turf. 

Incorporate our Rootzone Top Dressing into your lawn care routine and witness the remarkable transformation of your outdoor space. Take the first step towards a healthier, greener, and more vibrant lawn today!

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Before laying lawns or sowing grass seed:

  • For laying lawns you will need at least 2.5cm (1in) layer of top rootzone which you can then lay the turf over.
  • If sowing seed mix with rootzone and spread

Levelling a lawn:

  • Spread rootzone over grass. Ensuring that the ends of grass are not covered. Then rake away excess. This should fill all the hollows and diverts.

Technical specifications:


  • Supplied in a 0.75mbulk bag
  • Screened to 5mm particle size. The screening process removes any foreign materials as well as larger items such as stones.

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