Thinking about purchasing a Wood Burner this winter?

A wood burner is one of the oldest, most cost effective and environmentally efficient ways to heat your home. A wood burner also has the benefit of being one of the simplest.

With the cost of keeping your home warm and cosy using electricity, gas or oil rising, wood will provide the same heat output and save you money!

Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable source of energy, with the potential to have a net zero carbon footprint. New trees are planted to replace the ones felled, and carbon dioxide released by the burning process is absorbed by those replacement trees as they grow. Using wood means that save money and it’s good for the environment - that has got to be a good thing!

What wood should you use in your Wood Burner?

We would recommend using hardwood in your Wood Burner, hardwoods burn longer and release a larger quantity of heat to keep you and your family warm.

Where can I get wood for my Wood Burner in Sussex?

At Heritage Products our Premium Hardwood Logs are locally sourced and personally checked for quality ensuring that our customers get the very best.

To place your order for Premium Logs please order online or contact us directly 01273 492752.

Premium Logs

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