Friends of Station Road Gardens - Billingshurst

Friends of Station Road Gardens are a Not for Profit charity which have been developing a community garden in Billingshurst.

The aim for the gardens is to produce a open space that everybody can use. Offering a safe play area for children, benches to sit and relax on, and a green to have a family picnic on.

I was lucky enough to meet Keith, Ray and Ann who make up part of the team dedicated to this community project.

Billingshurst 1This project was originally going to be a council run project due lack of funding the project was going to be delayed. However local people in the community recognised the importance of having a garden space that Keith decided to take the lead and take over the project and register this as a charity with a total of 5 trustees and a handful of volunteers.

The Garden opened in 2008 and has had a local primary school and scout group help with some of the planting; however with a project the size of this (3.5 acres) work is never ending, funding and finding more people to commit their time is always a problem.

Chatting to Keith it soon becomes clear that he is very passionate about the community and it is all about 'Giving something back'.

Billingshurst 2

So much has been achieved already, play equipment has been set up, 8 varieties of apples have been planted and whole host of plants. There is still a long way to go setting up a raised bed area and allotments are just some of the ideas that this group has.

Once the project is completed the plan is that the gardens are handed back over to the Council to maintain and look after.

Heritage Products are delighted to be involved and we've donated some woodland mulch towards this great project.

Billingshurst 3

Do you live in the local area? Perhaps you have a few hours a week that you could donate to Keith and team to help keep the garden maintained?

For further details or information please contact

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