Fire Safety Advice - The Importance of Regular Chimney Sweeping

Wood Burning Stover

With the majority of chimney fires happening between January and March each year, fire brigades across the country have been reminding open fire and wood burner owners to ensure that their chimney has been swept in the last year if using solid fuel; and more regularly if using a wood burner.

West Sussex Fire Service alone attended 125 chimney fires in the 12 months up to November 2016 and they say keeping your chimney clean will not only prevent chimney fires but also carbon monoxide poisoning and structural damage to the chimney.

Regular chimney sweeping prevents the build up of soot that can cause a fire and is a really simple and relatively inexpensive way to ensure you and your home are safe all winter. To find a chimney sweep go to the HETAS website or The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and enter your postcode to find a chimney sweep near you.

And here are some handy tips to keep your wood burner or open fire an enjoyable part of your home:

  • - Have your chimney swept at least once a year - more often if you are using a wood burner
  • - Always use the correct fuel for your open fire or wood burner
  • - Use properly dried wood - our kiln dried logs are below 20% in moisture so perfect to burn right away
  • - Do not over stack the fire and allow the fire to burn down before going to bed
  • - If you've an open fire use a fire guard or spark guard
  • - Don't store wood, kindling or firelighters in front of the fire

More information can be found on the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Website

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